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Space to Roam

We have several large (1-3 acres each) and a number of smaller paddocks. All of the paddocks are connected via a series of gates that allow for easy access and management.

Plenty of shade trees dot the landscape of rolling hills and green pasture, and in the summer, horses can cool off in our three acre pond!

Spirit, Resident Horse

Low Stress Space

Limited stress is key to everybody's health and happiness, animal and human alike! We do our best to eliminate stress for all who stay or visit.

Owners are welcomed and encouraged to drop by anytime -- it's good for you and for your companion!

Almost There Farm Horse Boarding Facility Sign

Constantly Improving

We are constantly looking to improve our facilities and our services. Our staff is always looking for fresh ideas and new opportunities!

Help us help you! If you have ideas how we can better serve you, we would love to hear from you!

Tessa, Farm Guard Dog

Recent Updates

A rather bleak day...perfect Monday weather

One more project getting done today

Finally put the tack room floor in today, and I think it looks pretty good

And we are wired for sound...

I think that mother nature is a mare having the really hard first spring heat.