Leases & Sales

About Leases and Sales

We will list here any leases and sales we have available. We expect our offerings to change seasonally.

Offer Details

Please Note
For the safety of human and horse alike, we will not execute a lease or a sale without first evaluating the skill of the prospective rider.

We have three types of offerings:
Type Price Info
Half-Lease $250.00 per month A half-lease entitles you to 3 rides per week with the horse that you lease.
Full-Lease $450.00 per month A full-lease entitles you to an unlimited number of rides per week with the horse that you lease.
Total Sale Varies by horse A horse offered for sale is yours for the full purchase price.
Upon completion of the sale, the horse is yours to manage as you please.
We may have opportunities for you to continue boarding your new horse with us -- inquire for availability!

Current Availabilities

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Name Details
None available now; check back soon!