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Long Term

Not everyone has a farm and a pasture -- don't have a place for your horse? Board your friend with us! We take great care of all our boarders, and with our open visiting policy, you can see your friend as often as you want!

Short Term

Take some time off and leave your horse care to us! We provide private turn out and shelter for your horse. We will provide hay, you must provide grain and any supplements. Great for vacations!

Prices listed for 30-day agreements.

Winter Board
December 1st through March 1st


Prices listed for 30-day agreements.

Choice of hay and up to 6 quarts daily of our house grain.
Includes board & training. You must provide your own grain.


We provide hay and water for all horses.

We will administer grain and any supplements, but you must provide us with them. Any other special needs or requests can be arranged for a reasonable rate increase.


Some paperwork is required for all boarding services

Sadly, we can no longer provide these ahead of time on our website -- we will provide them to boarding applicants when appropriate.


Jared Penley
Trainer, Owner of Penley's Horsemanship

Jared joined us at Almost There Farm in June of 2014. Since he arrived, he has served as our on-site horse trainer and lesson instructor. His expertise and calm approach allow us to offer amazing training and horsemanship opportunities.

I started training horses in 2003, for a show barn in North Carolina. In 2008, I moved to the Elkhorn Ranch, a 12,000+ acre ranch in southern Arizona. Here I trained over 100 horses of all ages and breeds.

I am a natural horsemanship trainer. My ultimate goal is to develop safe and reliable horses, regardless of the discipline involved. I look forward to working with you and your horse, and I'm excited to offer a variety of training opportunities.

Jared Penley

Training Options

Jared can help you and your horse with:

Colt Starting
Trailer Loading
...anything else you might need!


These rates are for Truck-In arrangements only. We do offer Training Board, as priced above.

$50.00 / hour (Truck In + Jared)
$10.00 / hour (Indoor Arena)
Call to arrange


Our riding lessons cost $45.00 per hour and are taught by Cheryl Descoteaux of CM Four Winds Stable. We provide education in ground work, horse handling, and western riding.

These lessons place an emphasis on rider development. We try to instill good riding habits. We will work hard to help you develop a more balanced seat while riding and softer hands while controlling your horse.

Almost There Farm's Barn

Ladies' Group
Sundays, 10:00 AM

Since March 2015, we have offered weekly ladies' groups, led by Cheryl Descoteaux. The focus of this group changes on a weekly basis, and participants are encouraged to help shape their learning paths.

The group begins promptly at 10:00 AM -- please arrive and be tacked and ready by this time.

Almost There Farm's Barn